The show was a success! Not only did we have great weather in Las Vegas, but we also met some fantastic people. Traveling to these trade shows can really wear you out, but making eye contact and shaking hands with our customers and potential leads make it all so worthwhile. To top things off, we even sold some machines right off the show floor, which always makes us happy.

Upon arrival we got to work on grinding and polishing the freshly poured concrete slab, and were able to successfully. The new Low Rider buffer was a hit, especially with the ladies. Check out the Aztec Facebook page ( to see how the “ladies loved the Low Rider”. It wasn’t just the ladies however; the new, aggressively priced Aztec Low Rider buffer has a rugged, solid steel body design with an ultra low profile for buffing and polishing under racks. The Low Rider also includes an advanced composite polymer pad driver and dust control upgrade. Booth visitors got to demo all of the featured Aztec equipment, including the UltraGrind, UltraEdge, UltraVac, ProScrub and the Grand Finale finish applicator.

With the warnings of the super-snowstorm approaching in New England, we were anxious to get home, although there are worse things that could happen than being stranded in Las Vegas, right?

Aztec’s Visit to the ISSA/Interclean Amsterdam 2012 – Recap

In early May 2012, the Aztec Products team ventured across the globe for our inaugural participation in the 2012 ISSA/Interclean trade show in Amsterdam. The goal of our visit was to establish new distributor relationships in Europe with our new CE mark certified equipment. The use of propane powered equipment is on the rise in Europe as they increasingly adopt wet-look floors which emphasize store cleanliness and reduce lighting requirements.

We met with distributors, contractors and business owners from across Europe, representing virtually every country, all with the same goal in mind, to find the best equipment for their business needs. Their reaction to Aztec’s WorkSmart system, a 3 piece cordless grinding, polishing and edging system, was enthusiastic to say the least. Visitors also loved our Answer dust control burnisher and the Grand Finale wax and chemical applicator.

Some asked about Aztec’s tagline, Speed = Profit$. Whit Beverly, President, explained that 70% of the cost of virtually every janitorial job was labor. If they want to reduce their labor expense, they should focus on their biggest expense: labor. Since Aztec machines can reduce labor expense by up to 70%, speed really does equal profits!

Check out some pictures from our Amsterdam trip on our Facebook page:

Introducing the Aztec Sidewinder’s New Transport Wheel

The Aztec Sidewinder™, the ultra-high speed stripping and scrubbing machine, has just been re-designed to ease loading and maneuvering. The existing rugged all-steel body construction already offers superior performance and extended long term durability. The new transport wheel attachment for the Sidewinder, makes the 400+ pound machine even easier to unload and maneuver around the job site.

All of Aztec’s propane machines are powered by the EPA/Carb, LEED and GS42 certified Kawasaki 603cc engine, as part of the WorkSmart TM system, and are also in the process of receiving the CE Mark certification.

The traditional method of stripping floors was changed forever when Aztec Products introduced the ultra high speed Sidewinder Stripping System. The system consists of the Aztec Liquidator for strip solution application, the propane-powered Aztec Sidewinder for stripping floors, and the Aztec Guzzler for solution retrieval as a three-piece set. Although the Sidewinder System was invented over 40 years ago, it remains the fastest and most profitable way to strip large VCT tile floors.

Made entirely in the USA, the high speed Sidewinder System is the heart and soul of Aztec’s WorkSmartTM program. Steve Spengler, VP, said, “I’m very happy to let contractors know that the new transport wheel really simplifies the task of moving the Sidewinder from one account to another, and in and out of vehicles and buildings. Gone are the days of balancing the machine on the rear wheels to move it around. Truly, we are motivated by what the contractor has to deal with for product improvement. Speaking of making life easier, see our website,, for the new Grand Finale finish applicator!”
Contractors are encouraged to join Aztec’s online Contractor Photo Gallery by emailing a picture of themselves with their 2+ year old Aztec Sidewinder machine to Be sure to include the age of the machine, and/or the number of hours on it. If Aztec uses your picture, you will get a free set of brushes or pads.

Aztec Products, Inc. is a family-owned business based in Montgomeryville, PA. For over 30 years, Aztec has developed a series of innovative floor cleaning machines that are engineered for quality work at high speeds, and has become known as the problem-solver for the floor cleaning industry. To see the complete Aztec product line, visit:

Aztec Launches New UltraEdge and UltraVac for Concrete Grinding and Polishing

Two new green certified propane powered machines are part of the WorkSmartTM 3-piece cordless grinding, polishing and edging system.

Aztec Products, Inc. announces the UltraEdge and the UltraVac, two new propane powered machines for concrete floor grinding and polishing. These two new machines are powered by the EPA/Carb, LEED and GS42 certified Kawasaki 603cc engine and complete the WorkSmart TM 3-piece cordless grinding, polishing and edging system.

The all new Aztec UltraEdge is an aggressive gear driven, propane powered edging machine. Reaching 3” under any 5¼” high shelving, the UltraEdge grinds and polishes within ¼” of walls. The UltraEdge is also equipped with the same quick change Frankfort plate system as the UltraGrind, allowing for standardization of plates and diamonds to speed changes between grits and to reduce required inventory. These change times can be further accelerated through the use of Aztec’s optional magnetic Frankfort plate system – which is also compatible with the UltraGrind.

The new UltraVac completes Aztec’s new WorkSmart 3-piece cordless system. The UltraVac is a cord-free propane powered vacuum and utilizes 300 CFM with a 28 sqft HEPA MicroClean filter. The UltraVac helps contractors to do their work quickly, without expensive cords and generators. No time is spent laying cords either – just turn on your grinder and go!

The UltraGrind is an integral part of Aztec’s extensive line of concrete floor grinding, polishing and buffing machines. The Aztec UltraGrind was designed for the more aggressive concrete floor grinding and polishing applications, where the goal is to both remove material and also highly polish concrete floors. The DiamondShine is a “refresh” machine designed to quickly re-polish floors that need extensive rework. The dust controlled Answer DC buffer creates a brilliant shine on concrete after it has been polished and sealed with an Aztec DiamondGuard.

Like all of Aztec’s machines, the system is made entirely in the USA.

Aztec’s Vice President, Steven Spengler said, “I’m excited about our propane powered work smart concrete system that will aggressively grind, hone, & polish concrete floors without the hassle of cables and generators to contend with. We have a ‘total package’ for contractors who want to save time, labor & MAKE MONEY.”

Whit Beverly, President of Aztec Products said, “The UltraEdge and UltraVac complete the Aztec concrete line. Aztec offers cordless machines for every part of the polishing job, as well as all the required chemicals and diamonds. If you want to get a concrete polishing job done fast, well and profitably, there is no reason to go anywhere but Aztec”.

Aztec Products, Inc. is a family-owned business based in Montgomeryville, PA. For over 35 years, Aztec has developed a series of innovative floor cleaning machines that are engineered for quality work at high speeds, and has become known as the problem-solver for the floor cleaning industry. Aztec is proud to manufacture all of its products in the USA.

To see the complete Aztec product line, visit:

ISSA 2011 RECAP – Las Vegas

This year’s theme for the ISSA/INTERCLEAN was, “The Start of Something Big”. That about sums up our time in Las Vegas in October 2011. With a prime booth location right at the entrance, we were fortunate to experience the daily flood gates open, flush with eager visitors looking to see what’s new in the janitorial and sanitation industry.

We featured our tried-and-true Aztec Sidewinder propane-powered aggressive floor stripping machine, along with its sidekicks, the Liquidator (solution applicator) and Guzzler (solution/slurry retriever), in addition to the Answer DC buffer (for dust control and improved IAQ!), and the ProScrub (the best autoscrubber on the market!).

We went out on a limb and brought along some of our newest concrete grinding and polishing machines, the UltraGrind and the UltraEdge, both part of the new Aztec WorkSmartTM 3-piece cordless grinding, polishing and edging system. The responses were overwhelmingly positive, it seemed everyone wanted more information on all of Aztec’s machines.

All visitors to the Aztec booth were entered to win a $100 gift card to Ruth’s Chris restaurant. The lucky winner was J.J. Jennings of ServiceStar in Springville, Alabama, congratulations J.J.!

Las Vegas is always a fun venue, thank you for visiting our booth at ISSA 2011, and we hope to see you at the ISSA 2012 in Chicago!


If you were in Las Vegas for the World of Concrete trade show in January, you know there was a lot of action on the trade show floors, both inside and outside. The Aztec Products booth was outside for the first time, and we had a blast. Not only was the weather beautiful and sunny every day, but our visitors were also able to try running the machines for themselves. The Aztec booth featured a 20’ x 20’ concrete slab that we polished to a beautiful mirror-like shine using our Aztec UltraGrind, the Answer Dust Control Buffer, the ProScrub autoscrubber and the Grand Finale chemical applicator. Our trade show concrete floor was so smooth that you could actually read our logo clearly in the reflection, while at the same time feel safe walking on such a glass-like surface.

After the close of the show, Concrete Polishing Magazine sponsored a weekend “Concrete Polishing Rodeo” event. The Rodeo was a competition between various manufacturers of grinding and refinishing equipment. We are very proud to announce that Aztec’s UltraGrind won the following four individual categories:

• Maneuverability
• Ease of Abrasives Change
• Replacement Parts Availability
• Highest Average Gloss Meter, (67 without Sealer / Guard)

The UltraGrind also earned “Overall Best in Propane Class” honors with a gloss rating highest in show. The judges additionally noted that (although it was not a competitive category in the Rodeo) our floor was much flatter than our competitors because of the UltraGrind’s planetary action.

Aztec’s concrete product line focuses on PROPANE DRIVEN machines because we believe that this is the most efficient and fastest way to prep and polish concrete. The line includes:

• The ULTRAGRIND for deep grinding and polishing
• The DIAMONDSHINE for refreshing polished concrete surfaces
• The 27″ ANSWER burnisher with dust control
• The ULTRAVAC propane powered concrete dust vacuum system

All of Aztec’s propane products are EPA, CARB, LEED and GS42 green certified for indoor use in approved areas.

In addition to these propane powered products, Aztec manufactures the GRAND FINALE sealer and densifier applicator and the PROSCRUB 20″ battery powered auto scrubber. The Grand Finale will allow you to apply densifier quickly and evenly directly from your box or pail with no mess. The 20″ ProScrub will pick up wet-grind slurry and do a great final clean-up job on the floor before densification.

Whatever your equipment, chemicals or diamond needs may be for concrete care, Aztec would like to work with you. We manufacture a wide range of floor care products, which can be seen on our web site Please call (800) 331-1423 or email us ( to let us know how Aztec can help make your business more profitable.

Aztec Products Introduces the New Answer Dust Control Buffer

MONTGOMERYVILLE, PA, USA – New Aztec Green Cleaning Burnisher Improves IAQ. Aztec Products announces the new Answer dust control floor buffer/burnisher. The new Answer DC buffer is EPA, CARB, LEED and GS42 green certified for indoor use in approved areas. The new Answer DC, with its vacuum system, improves indoor air quality (IAQ) by containing air particulates, and meets the US green building council LEED IEQ credit 3.4 requirements.

The new Answer DC buffer offers all of the same features and benefits of Aztec’s standard Answer buffer, including the completely modular design, full cast aluminum body with centered deck, adjustable wheels for fine tuning pad pressure, and is aggressively priced. The dust control upgrade was developed as part of Aztec’s commitment to green cleaning and to comply with GS42 requirements.

Aztec Products continues to develop floor maintenance equipment for the jan/san industry that saves money and labor expenses. Aztec strives to remain the trusted leader in propane buffers and floor strippers by consistently exceeding customer expectations.

Made entirely in the USA, the high speed propane Answer DC Burnisher is the newest addition to the Aztec product line. Steven Spengler, Aztec’s VP for Sales, said, “Aztec has designed this model to enable the contractor to service their accounts with confidence in facilities that demand health based green cleaning compliance.”

“Green cleaning continues to be an increasingly important initiative for the maintenance of high traffic facilities. The improvements in IAQ resulting from the Answer dust control buffer will be beneficial to a variety of institutions, particularly schools and universities”, said Whit Beverly, President of Aztec Products.

Aztec Products, Inc. is a family-owned business based in Montgomeryville, PA. Aztec is proud to manufacture all of its products in the USA, at its Philadelphia area factory. For over 35 years, Aztec has developed a series of innovative floor cleaning machines that are engineered for quality work at high speeds, and has become known as the problem-solver for the floor cleaning industry.

To see the complete Aztec product line, visit:

It’s the Final Countdown (to World of Concrete!)

Next week the Aztec Products sales team will descend upon Las Vegas for the World of Concrete show. Aztec’s trade show booth will be outside this year, with a 20’ x 30’ concrete slab for daily hands-on demonstrations of the featured machine line up.

The show dates are January 18–21, 2011, and we will be showcasing Aztec’s newest products for concrete floors, including the new UltraGrind propane-powered concrete floor grinder and polisher, the Grand Finale floor chemical applicator and the Dust Control Answer Buffer. The ProScrub autoscrubber and DiamondShine honing and polishing machine will also be available for use. Come by and try the Aztec machines for yourself!

In addition to the hands-on demonstrations, Aztec will also be offering a special Instant Cash Back Promotion. Call (800) 331-1423 today for details, or visit us at our outdoor booth #O30226. Hope to see you there!